About Us

We have been publishing news and general information articles about renewable energy, and what has now become the “renewable energy transition” from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources, since 2007.

Until the spring of 2015, the website was operated as a means by which renewable energy businesses could contribute articles, and links were included to their websites. It was a useful site for users, who found the technology providers they were seeking, and for the businesses that provided the articles. However, the internet changes and moves on, all the time, and by early 2015 the popularity of the original website had waned. At around 1,500 pages, and with many broken links requiring time-consuming editing, the site had become unmanageable.

In July 2015 it was decided to start again with a new format and a video-centered website, providing a choice for visitors to either watch a video or read the editorial text. This new website rebuild, having started in early August 2015, is underway and continuing.

We hope you like this website as it is now, and with further adaptation by us, and in response to your feedback as our readers (and video viewers!) tell us their views. Yes! We look forward to your comments and feedback. Go now and tell us what you think here!

The original website chalked up millions of site visits during its existence. By continual addition of content we fully intend you will be one of our new “millions” of satisfied visitors.

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