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Is Coal Cheaper than Renewable Energy? New Report Says No – Wind and Solar Cheaper on Average

Is coal cheaper than renewable energy? Not anymore (!) we are happy to say. Eco-energy is here to stay. In a big way! Read on to find out exactly how renewable energy is on average now cheaper than coal. This means that there will from now on be no economic justification for building new power […]

All About Hydrogen Forklifts

Hydrogen forklifts are making inroads into the powered industrial truck market. Thanks to a more eco-friendly mindset and an emphasis on operational efficiency, hydrogen lifts are now found in a variety of job environments. Everywhere from lumber yards to warehouses, from dockyards to ports routinely use hydrogen forklifts. What are the pros and cons of […]

solar energy landfill panels

Investment Trends In Renewable Energy

It is possible to have a portfolio which successfully (that’s the all-important-word, is it not?) buys alternative energy funds. “Green” energy production is a multi-billion (in today’s dollars) market by 2020, rising in value in double figures annually. The most just recently established wind-turbine innovations have actually brought us wind-produced energy which is more expense […]

solar energy landfill panels

Are Solar Landfills the Latest Gold Rush?

Solar Landfills, which are old landfills, which are given a new use as solar array renewable energy farms, the latest gold rush? It is beginning to us to look like they are. Lots of people have spotted an opportunity to make money from solar energy by installing solar panel arrays on old landfills. It’s cheap […]

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The Low Carbon Energy Transition is Underway – Decarbonisation Doubters Proved Wrong

Decarbonisation is what the world desperately needs, if civilization-destroying global warming is to be avoided we need to make the low carbon energy transition very quickly indeed, the experts say. In other words we must stop using fossil fuels like coal, and move over to using renewable energy, if we are to survive temperature rises […]

Renewable Resources Energy which is Sustainable

[p1vc-video] Renewable resources energy is by definition energy which is sustainable, and there are many ways that sustainable energy can be produced and used. Those approving new property developments in many cities have been requiring lower energy consumption performance from our buildings, by increasing insulation requirements, etc. The majority of citizens believe that is for […]

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Renewable Energy Finance

Private Equity Financing оf Renewable Energy Projects Introduction Thе current іntеrеѕt іn renewable energy hаѕ escalated greatly. Nоw, private equity firms аrе taking muсh іntеrеѕt іn investing іn оnlу renewable energy projects. Thіѕ іѕ аlѕо undеr thе backdrop оf thе need tо acquire mоrе energy resources bу thе various giants оf thе world. Stіll, thе […]

3 Renewable Energy Resources – 3 Home Renewable Energy Sources

[p1vc-video] Easy Steps to Follow to Go Environment-friendly with Renewable Energy The choices for going environment-friendly can in some cases seem overwhelming to the rookie. Does it merely appear as well hard or pricey for you to try? Let go of the past, step in the direction of the future, just by reading what this short […]

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What Is A Renewable Resource? Explained Through Examples

When we were asked recently to explain exactly “what is a renewable resource”, we decided to explain through examples. In fact a large number of companies are now publicizing the fact that they have developed new environmental friendly methods in generating power, which will change the way we live. This is indeed the dazzling news, that many […]

How Do the Different Types of Renewable Resource Work?

[p1vc-video] Each one of the different types of renewable resources work in a different way. Many of the best renewable resources like wind, solar, tidal and wave energy, do not involve burning (combustion) and this has substantial advantages in avoiding the emission of polluting smoke. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the energy from […]

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