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Is Coal Cheaper than Renewable Energy? New Report Says No – Wind and Solar Cheaper on Average

Is coal cheaper than renewable energy? Not anymore (!) we are happy to say. Eco-energy is here to stay. In a big way! Read on to find out exactly how renewable energy is on average now cheaper than coal. This means that there will from now on be no economic justification for building new power […]

Hydrogen Power Still Most Likely Next Big Eco-friendly Energy Source

Many might associate Hydrogen to terrible weapons of destruction, such as the H bomb, not the hydrogen power of zero toxic emissions. However, that perception is changing bit-by-bit, as it is in fact, one of the most promising alternative power sources. In this article we provide an in-depth look into the potential of this green […]

Image of low carbon energy decarbonisation map

The Low Carbon Energy Transition is Underway – Decarbonisation Doubters Proved Wrong

Decarbonisation is what the world desperately needs, if civilization-destroying global warming is to be avoided we need to make the low carbon energy transition very quickly indeed, the experts say. In other words we must stop using fossil fuels like coal, and move over to using renewable energy, if we are to survive temperature rises […]

Photovoltaic panels - collecting solar energy efficiently

A New Method in Collecting Solar Energy Efficiently

The photovoltaic cells that are currently being developed for harnessing the sun’s power only absorb a small portion of light, wasting a lot of solar energy in the process and could be collecting solar energy more efficiently. Thanks to the advancements of technology, a new material is now being developed in order to harness all […]

Image shows display board which says: Going grean in 4 weeks

Learn How to Go Green in 4 Weeks

President Obama has made going green mainstream. Gone are the days when the climate change deny’ers held any real influence. The effects of global warming are all about us. Now is the time to start changing what we do, to stop things getting worse. Green energy use is important for the environment and to allow […]

Image says - Join in and use renewable energy to cut household bills

How to Harness the Power of Renewable Energy to Cut the Cost of Running Any Home

Introduction The cost of oil fell in the second half of 2014 by almost a half, but home energy bills have remained stubbornly high. Most home owners have found that although they thought that the oil price drop would mean a big reduction in the energy bills, the reality has been only a disappointingly small […]

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