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Energy Pros

Image shows Renewable energy infographic
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In this article discuss the energy pros (advantages) of using green energy which is renewable and therefore also sustainable for future generations.

To do this we will look individually at the main types of renewable energy, as follows:

Pros of Solar Thermal Panels

Solar thermal panels have been around for at least 50 years, comprise a black coloured tube in a glass windowed box, which is placed in full sunlight, and are the simplest form of solar energy collector. They are cheap, simple and highly cost effective when used to heat hot water for a home, especially in warm climates. These systems need to be plumbed into hot-water systems in the home/ office etc., using a pump and a method of temperature control which senses the water temperature in the solar panel, and ensures that the water in the solar panel is only pumped into the hot water tank when it is warmer than the water already in the hot water tank.

These panels very quickly repay the investment cost for all but the most northerly locations.

Pros of Photovoltaics

  • produce electricity directly
  • no moving parts
  • produce energy passively whenever there is enough light falling on the solar panel
  • profit from them even when you are not at home (surplus electricity automatically get sent out of you home and you get paid for it by your electricity company
  • long lasting (circa. 15 to 20 years for many models of panel)

Pros of Wind Turbines

  • simple idea which has been used in windmills for about 300 years already
  • produce energy in the dark when solar panels will not be producing any energy.

Pros of Heat Pumps

  • produce a multiplier effect by using lower grade heat (warmth) from a large volume of air or water, to move thermal energy from a cooler state to a warmer or hot one. Think of a heat pump as a refrigerator in reverse
  • use less energy than traditional heating methods by use of heat exchange through the actions of refrigeration technology.

Pros of Renewable Energy – Climate Change Reduction

But, most importantly the huge advantage of renewable energy is that:

  • is sustainable and a truly renewable energy source which will last forever, if nothing else changes
  • when implemented properly will reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon is present in the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is blamed as a primary cause of climate change through the so called “greenhouse effect”.

Having read about the advantages we have identified for the main renewable energy sources above, we hope that you will continue to investigate your preferred renewable energy technolgies by reading more of our articles on this website.

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