Learn How to Go Green in 4 Weeks

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President Obama has made going green mainstream. Gone are the days when the climate change deny’ers held any real influence. The effects of global warming are all about us. Now is the time to start changing what we do, to stop things getting worse.

Green energy use is important for the environment and to allow our grandchildren the possibility of living in a world as we know it today. Green energy (also know as renewable energy or alternative energy) is central to preserving our environment because by using renewable green energy we stop using fossil fuel energy.

“… the world will burn itself up”

When fossil fuels were made in the beginning so many millenniums ago, there was no atmosphere as we know it today. Quite simply, if we were to go on as we have been as a global community, we will put all those primordial gases back into the air until we can no longer breath and live, and the world will burn itself up. It is that simple.

So, you are convinced and you want to go green, and do it in 4 weeks. For a quick implementation of a project to go green and change a home to renewable sources of energy, the quickest would be to buy solar, and possibly also wind energy.


Covering your roof with solar panels will go a long way towards becoming self-sufficient in energy in warm climates, and it can also be profitable too, depending on whether your local government provides grants or a tariff subsidy (that’s a specially favourable price for your electricity from what is usually called a “feed-in-tariff”). It takes only as long as a specialist contract needs to install the photo-voltaic cells, and connect to you electricity mains supply.

Wind energy isn’t possible in locations where the wind doesn’t blow quite hard at least part of the year, and won’t be feasible in cities for flat dwellers etc. But it does have the advantage of creating power at night and when the sun is not shining, which of course solar panels largely do not.

Start Burning Bio-fuels

But, an even quicker way for most home owners to “go green” is to start burning bio-fuels, such as wood chips and logs, or even straw or other waste from food crops. This is often called “biomass fuel”, and can be used when there are no local forests or woodland where responsible sustainable tree felling can take place, where the felled trees are replaced and re-grow for future use.

The next way to “go green” is seldom mentioned but in the author’s view is at least as “green” as any other method, and that is to reduce the energy your home needs to function.

There are more ways to do this than we could ever mention in an article like this, from adapting the lifestyle of the family (wear warmer clothes and turn the thermostat down), to adding insulation to reduce thermal heat escapes.

Being a Truly Green Household

Strictly, although most people think that “going green” is all about just energy use, the truly green household also finds ways to reduce the dependency of their lifestyle on consuming the earth’s resources of materials for making the things they use, and then throw away.

This is known as recycling and is no less important for the health and wealth of future generations, than reducing energy use and avoiding fossil fuels.

The Way to Find Out What Works Best in Your Area

Image shows display board which says: Going green in 4 weeksNow we did start this article on the basis of the premise that “going green” would be achieved in just 4 weeks, so in this last section we will give you a great tip for embarking on this mission in the simplest way. Our tip is that the first steps for the quickest results is invariably to go solar in some way and produce your own electricity from either solar cells or solar hot water systems. To get started for most people the best first action will be to call the local power company and ask them about ways to go green. They will know what works best in your area and what government help (grants etc.) may be available to help you on your way.

We hope that the above article has helped you to understand that “going green” can be quick and easy, although some cash investment is usually needed, up-front, getting it done need not be complex, nor time-consuming.

The Implementation of These Ideas

Now you know how to Go Green in 4 Weeks! Yes, so why not you build the implementation of these tips into your own lifestyle? If everyone does that, and most we believe will be doing that in the next few years, everyone can continue to experience the joys of our beautiful planet for ever.

For more wonderfully useful (we hope!) tips on using green energy to protect the environment, visit http://anaerobic-digestion.com .

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