Renewable Energy Sources and the Energy Transition

Image shows: Renewable energy resource transition


Image shows: Renewable energy resource transitionIntroduction

Our world is overwhelmingly powered by fossil fuels like oil and gas. The result has been: Rising cost of all energy sources due to decreasing availability as coalfields and oil fields become exhausted, dependence on some of the most unstable countries where most of the oil and gas still remains, and last but not least global warming.

As the video at the top of this page explains, what has become clear, is that a revolution in the way that we produce and use all of our energy is long overdue. It is being called the “energy transition”.

At the heart of achieving this energy transition are new energy making methods, which will have to produce energy from renewable sources, such as the wind or the sun’s rays.

Using Germany as an example, the documentary video explains what renewable energy sources consist of, and how they work. In addition, the video showed how the concept of energy transition is being used to move society towards using the new renewable energy technologies, as efficiently as possible.

So, what has been happening in the US?

US Resources Driving the Renewable Energy Resources Transition

A growing number of states are taking the federal government’s lead and applying their own public reward programs as well as perk funds to encourage better renewable resource usage, with the exact same result. Using iformation from a report released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in the 5 years between 2001 as well as 2006 the commercial demand for renewable resources was raised a thousand-fold over that period.

The lower line is as clear as sunlight, the renewable resource sector which is developing works. “Alternative Energy” really is an alternative! Increasingly, more and more influential people are realising the potential of renewable energy to free the world from fossil fuels forever.

The renewable energy resources of the major US Corporations are now adding to the pace of the transition. General Electric PLC, Whole Foods Market PLC, Safeway Stores, Starbucks Coffee, GM,  FedEx, Kinko’s are just a few of the world-leading business that have actually made an active switch to renewable resources.

In the case of numerous companies, this is available in the form of buying renewable resource credit reports to replace their regional energy use. In various other situations, the ventures right into renewable power run deeper, creating their very own biofuels, establishing their own wind farms, and funding studies into yet more innovative ideas for renewable energy projects, and also at the same time creating growth in investment and jobs, right into new renewable energy innovations.

For the Military, the Pentagon has brought in an edict that all branches of the united state armed forces to suppress energy usage by 2 % at all bases as well as centers via pursuit of alternate source of power, including wind and solar powers, and since then there have been further larger reductions.

The President has also been joining in. President Bush’s cattle ranch, the Crawford Ranch, has been outfitted with all the most recent, as well as best, in renewable resource sources as well as the ranch runs totally off-grid.

Resources Driving the Renewable Energy Transition Around the World

The Australian government has actually a specified goal of raising the proportion of its total electrical energy manufacturing that originates from renewable energy sources by 78 % by the year 2010. The United Kingdom’s goals were bit a lot more moderate but admirable, however, shooting for 10 % from only 3.6 %, likewise by the year 2010, and have now been doubled again alongside the whole EU.

In the future will be the technologies used will be different as well!

A creator by the name of Todd Livingstone has a license presently pending on a technology to utilize the energy of the power charge loaded in lightning every flash, which has been estimated at 11 gigawatts each.

A Canadian engineer believes that his Atmospheric Vortex Engine is the means to tame a typhoon cloud (likewise called a tornado). Plus, in the UK, the “Manchester Bobber” is a copyrighted new contraption for taking advantage of the power which can be collected from the backwards and forwards oscillation of waves.

Drifting wind systems have been proposed as as resource for renewable energy. Apparently, this is all about using the power of contrasts in atmospheric pressure between distant cities. Semi-transparent photo-voltaic glass used as home windows and in office buildings, is a new way which has been proposed to provide huge areas of solar panels, satisfying the need for energy. MIT’s so-called “Manhattan Project” is a hotbed for brand-new concepts for, renewable sources of power. Installing tools in motorway off-ramps that harness the power of motor vehicles stopping is another idea. A much simpler one is to generate biomass energy from trees downed in typhoons.

And also if we look further down the horizon, what else can we see? Possibly the next big thing will be Focus Fusion, a modern technology for creating brand-new tiny zero-emission nuclear power plant the size of gas stations. Maybe it will be Blackligh Power, a technology that harnesses power from particles called “hydrinos”. These hydrinos are a smaller size even when compared to atoms of hydrogen. Or, perhaps it’ll be electro-magnetic energy that is at present being peddled, but look like it may be a magic solution – who knows!?.

Whatever renewable resource patterns we have in store for us in the next decade, there is one point we can all count on: as the need for these kinds of renewable power sources proceeds its stable increase, funding for study and also growth into brand-new as well as better means of taking advantage of renewable energy will certainly additionally raise, resulting in much more effective and also economical energy choices for us all.

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