What Are Renewable Energy Resources?


What Are Renewable Energy Resources? – Alternative Energy Sources For A Cleaner Future

Image: Renewable energy resourcesOne of our main concerns today is home energy usage. We can’t escape the fact that we need electricity to power our lives. Our level of civilization needs electricity to maintain it. However , many folks accept that the price we pay is just too much for the amount of electricity we use.

It is natural for folks to feel dissatisfied with this set up however. When we are faced with this quandary we do what humans have always done throughout the ages : we innovate.

Alternative home energy has been gaining ground ever since new designs have come up to make it better and feasible. Some people may think that alternative energy is a new thing but the fact is alternative home energy has been around even before electricity was discovered.

Here are the most popular kinds of energy resources, to answer the question, “What Are Renewable Energy Resources”.

1. Wind power – We now use windmills to power generators and run electricity thru our houses. Modern generators harness kinetic energy to provide electric power. But windmills were already in use a considerable time back. Windmills were popularly used to mill grain before electricity was even available. Grinding grain took a large amount of effort and people before designed windmills to power their grinders. It became so effective that we used windmills as an efficient power source today.

2a. Solar energy – Some may think that his type of alternative home energy is a 20th century innovation. Indeed, changing solar electricity into electricity is a state-of-the-art technology, but this alternative sort of energy has been used since ancient times. We employed the sun’s heat to dry beef for preservation, dry our clothes, and warm our homes. Today, this alternative kind of energy is harnessed for various jobs. Others use solar energy to heat water, and some install solar energy panels to provide an alternative electricity source to power tiny appliances and save on their electrical charges.

2b. Solar electricity – Conversion is becoming so efficient that it can now be used to power a whole home.

3. Hydropower – this sort of alternative home energy employs water currents so as to turn turbines and run generators. This too isn’t a state-of-the-art technology. Like windmills, hydropower was employed to convert current from brooks so as to turn wheels and power grinders.

4. Biogas – another alternative home power source. Biogas is created by the decomposition of different biologial materials. Using biogas (made in an anaerobic digestion plant) to produce heat can cut down on house owners ‘ bills.

We hope this goes a long way to explaining “What Are Renewable Energy Resources”. We can see that there are a number of kinds of alternative home energy. We need to explore these available options and determine which type is best for our own purpose. Unfortunately, we remain a long way before we will be able to harness these power sources efficiently for our homes. As we continue to innovate one day we will make certain that alternative energy will be more efficient, and then at some point the cost will fall below the other carbonaceous fuels. [Update: (August 2015) Experts are forecasting the year 2020 as when solar photo-voltaic panels fall below the cost of coal.]

About the video at the top of this page:

Using alternative energy accomplishes two things : you save on expenses and put a smaller strain on the environment. Alternative energy sources don’t produce any damaging effects. It is comparatively free energy. Others may disagree that the devices needed to harness these sources are expensive, but perhaps we’ll end up saving more than we spend if we make the change.

The first episode of ’10 or Less’, an educational podcast series where I take a boring long chapter from a textbook and turn it into a video that’s 10 minutes or less.

Today’s material is adapted from the G. Tyler Miller book, “Living in the Environment”, suggested by CollegeBoard as one of their textbooks for the AP Environmental Science test.

This video was originally intended for my Environmental Science class at Woodland High School, but feel free to use and share the video with everyone else studying environmental science. The slideshow was created with Prezi!

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